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Bright Star Graphics is a  graphic design business offering creative web, design, print and marketing.




A Little About Us...

Starting out doing free (not freelance) graphic design for non-profit organizations, Paul Roark quickly developed an ability to design fast, accurately, and with a primary motivation to please the client.  This unique start dramatically shaped Paul’s character and vision for a business. His vision is to work really hard to design great things to meet the client’s exact specifications.   This vision is what brings him the most satisfaction in business.  Many people in the graphic design industry will work towards their own creative goals, while Paul will meet your goals. After a demand for his design services spilled out of the non-profit sector, Paul started a graphic design business in Syracuse NY.  He naively threw himself into the business world and began to learn quickly and grow.  Each new client brought him more experience
Bright Star Graphics is full service graphic design business that works hard to dazzle clients with design, websites,  printing, and creative marketing.

BIG ideas

“ I work one on one with every client to make design dreams come true!”
Paul Roark     Owner 


We give the best service and value to our customers by

utilizing new technology/software, researching and negotiating

pricing, and tailoring our process to meet each client’s project



Our experience has come from working hard for many years with 100’s of clients on 1000’s of projects.  Each project is unique and we’ve become experts at learning, adapting, and providing the best solutions possible. 

The Story

Just one guy?

Not really... I play well with others :).  I’ve teamed up with people and organizations all around the country to give you the best service and products.  All support and design are done in-house, but sometimes I delegate special projects to experts so the job gets done right the first time. Having this diverse approach grants access to multi-million dollar offset printers, robust hosting servers, and creative marketing geniuses from all around the country.  
Why Choose Bright Star Graphics?
and a better perspective on what a client needs from a graphic designer.  Clients were able to save a significant amount of time and money by switching to Paul for all their web, design, print, and promotion projects. In June of 2010, Paul moved with his family (wife and young son) to his hometown of Lebanon, Pennsylvania and continued a career in graphic design.  Lebanon turned out to be a great place to do graphic design because of it’s central location to larger cities like Harrisburg, Reading, and Lancaster. In September of 2014 Paul named the business Bright Star Graphics and continues to offer clients the same great design, products, and services.

Small or Large Businesses

We love working with small businesses, but we also work well with large organizations.  Some designers and agencies will only take larger jobs or are only willing to work for a specific industry.  We’re happy to work with anyone!

Easy to Work With

We’re always available for support and we’re flexible to work with you in whatever way you need.  With free consultation, free quotes, and straight forward pricing, you might start to call us your best friend!
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